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Roots Cafe want to personally invite you to help keep the Charlotte community strong, which is why today we are launching a campaign with Feeding Charlotte that will help many of those who rely on the food service industry. When restaurants and catering companies close, the impact does not stop at the servers, managers and chefs. With the food service industry being at a standstill, they are not receiving their usual donations and they need it now more than ever.  

With this program, we will be able to provide freshly prepared meals and continue to employ numerous people who would otherwise be laid off. How does it work? You buy a gift card from Roots and name the recipient as Feeding Charlotte and the recipient email as We will then use every cent of that gift card to purchase and produce food for those in need. By donating to this program you will also be supporting our local farmers as Roots will be sourcing as much produce as we can through our surrounding farms.