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The Beginnings...

      WholeBod was founded with a rebellious spirit and lofty objective; to offer the same Health and Wellness products and services that everyday people living an active lifestyle already use, but at a revolutionary price.

      Every idea starts with solving a problem. Ours was simple: Being fit and living a health and wellness conscious lifestyle was becoming too expensive. We were gym buddies for about a year, and when we trained, we talked about how much we were spending on; supplements, massages, workout gear, cooking ware, headphones and healthier food options. The tipping point was when one of us became a full time entrepreneur, and actually had to choose between; continue to live a health conscious lifestyle OR keeping the bills paid. No one should ever have to make a choice like that. After continuously hunting for discount codes and daily/weekly deals on quality health products and services, we decided enough was enough. Why was access to an affordable health conscious lifestyle so tedious, separate and fragmented if it's what's needed to live a full life? 

      We started WholeBod to create a streamlined fitness-community based platform to save users time & money on their Health, Fitness & Wellness journey. 

      By circumventing traditional channels and designing a fitness app that rewards you with digital currency for completing workouts, we’re able to provide you with the same quality products and services from brands you love and new ones you’ll meet at a fraction of the cost.

     Our belief is that obtaining "the best version of yourself" shouldn’t require breaking the bank. After all, the best return on investment is the one you make in yourself.


  Corporate Social Responsibility 

     We also believe that everyone has the right to live a healthy full life no matter your socioeconomic class. Almost 820 million people in the world were undernourished in 2018. One in nine people do not get enough food to be healthy and lead an active life. Without our health we cannot fight climate change, poverty, the clean water crises or inequality. To help fight this problem WholeBod, partners with local farms to provide fresh foods for communities in need. For every reward that is redeemed we donate a portion of the proceeds to the local farms in our network. With your help, we'll be able to create community gardens in countries all across the globe and teach communities how to grow their own fresh foods to thrive and live a healthier life. 


Complete A Workout

Select from our library of AI generated workouts that are readily available, customized to your current fitness level and easy to select based on your fitness goals. The days of "what should I train today" are behind you, WholeBod adapts to your fitness journey and is ensured to challenge you more as you progress while maintaining physical fitness balance. On-demand fitness streaming, a vast library of various workouts and some fitness fun with our fitness meetup groups! 


Earn Digital Currency

Completed your workout? Great! Now you've earned WholeBod Points, a form of Digital currency. The more points you earn, the more discounted goods and services become unlocked and available to redeem. The points are calculated by an advanced AI algorithm that ensures you earn in points what you burn in calories. You can even earn double the points by working out at Fitness studio or Gym that's within the WholeBod network or joining a fitness meetup group and getting a sweat in with friends!

Ways to Earn: 

  • Working out at home or in the gym
  • Working out with friends
  • Yoga
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Boxing
  • Group Fitness And more!


Purchase Goods And Services

Now the fun part of redeeming what you have EARNED! The digital currency you earned from completing your workout can now be used to purchase goods and services in our marketplace to partner retailers. That's right, your sweat session earned you 50% off those new running shoes you've been eyeing or 35% off that massage your body has been aching for. Imagine, rewarding yourself to your favorite Health, Fitness & Wellness brands for doing something you already love to do, only now at a fraction of the cost!

Getting discounts just for doing something I already love is amazing!

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